Every person making an application for subdivision of plot or transfer of plot under byelaws 4 shall furnish all the required documents along with the application made under Section 5 (7) (v) of the Act.

Eligibility Criteria:
The applicant must be a resident of India and should be a legal owner/attorney holder.
Guidelines for filling the form:
1.    Application should be duly filled up and signed by both the seller(s)/purchaser(s).
2.    Documents to be attached should be self attested by the seller or duly notarized.

Development fee for NOC for sale/ transfer/ sub-division of land is 1% of total value of land excluding the value of building. If the proposal is for transfer of land with building as fixed by D.C. Kamrup (Metro)/D.C., Kamrup the same is to be paid after approval. However, a processing fee of Rs. 250/- to be paid with each application, which will be adjusted with the actual fee later on if approved. In case of NOC for apartment/flat sale/transfer the 1% will be limited to the extent of the value of the land component only. 

For details, please refer Schedule-I of Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaw 2014

Documents Required (whichever applicable):
1.    Land sale permission of Deputy Commissioner.
2.    Particulars of land document and ownership of land.
3.    Trace map
4.    Affidavit from seller(s) & purchaser(s).
5.    Layout Plan if the total area of original plot to be subdivided is more than or equal to 1 Bigha.
6.    Passport size photograph (3 copies each) of both seller & purchaser.
7.    Any other document/declaration that authority may require.
8.    Any other document that the applicant feels necessary for consideration by the Authority.

All layout plans before submission to Authority shall be signed by owner(s) and by one of the following: 

  • Architect holding a valid registration of the Council of Architect / R.T.P not below a Graduate Civil Engineer /Town Planner of Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority or Guwahati Municipal Corporation for layout plan of plots of measuring more than 0.5 HA and below 2.5 HA wherever applicable; 
  •  Architect holding a valid registration of the Council of Architecture of Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority or Guwahati Municipal Corporation for layout plan of plots measuring 2.5 HA and above wherever applicable; 
  • Town Planner qualified to be a member with Institute of Town Planners, India for plots measuring 2.5 HA and above wherever applicable;
  • In all layout plans a minimum of 5% of the land is to be reserved for parks/ playgrounds. This land has to be handed over to Authority for its development as parks/ playgrounds free of cost wherever applicable

How to apply:
The applicant shall submit the application in hard copy along with all necessary documents at the Counter of GMDA (from 10. A.m. till 3.00 p.m.)

Type of Service:
It is a manual service.

Forms to be filled:
•    Application Form Land Subdivision/Transfer 
•    Check List of Documents: Land Sale/Transfer/Sub-Division Permission

Whom to Contact:
Guwahati Metropolitan Development Agency 

3rd Floor, STATFED Building, 
G.M.C.H. Road, Bhangagarh, 
Ph- 0361-2529824, 2529650 (O) 
Fax- 0361-2529991 (F) 
Email :

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