Once the building construction is complete, one should acquire Occupancy Certificate. the application is to be made to the planning department of the GMC.

Process Flow:
•    Application is to be made to the Planning Branch of GMC with all required documents.
•    The field Engineer will inspect the construction of building within 21 days and will submit a report on:
1.    Existence of Rain Water Harvesting provision.
2.    Availability of Parking Space in the area provided as per drawing.
3.    Segregation of Waste and handover of waste to the authorized NGOs.
4.    Plantation of minimum 10 nos. of evergreen trees inside the plot.
•    After submission of report by the Field Engineer, the Occupancy Certificate is issued to the applicant.
Eligibility Criteria:
The person applying for the occupancy certificate must have already completed the building construction with a building permit from GMC.
There is no registration fee
Documents Required:
•    Completion Certificate submitted by RTP.
•    Form 27
•    Form 16
•    Form 17
•    Form 18
•    Form 19
•    Form 21
•    Certificate from the Chief Electrical Inspector cum Adviser, Assam.
•    NOC for License to use the Lift from the Chief Inspector of Lifts and Escalators, Assam.
•    NOC from the Director of Fire and Emergency Services, Assam.

Type of Service:
It is not an online service.

Forms to be filled:
1. Form 16
2. Form 27
3. Form 17
4. Form 18
5. Form 19
6. Form 21

Whom to Contact:
Deepak Bezbarua 

Associate Planner 
Planning Branch, GMC 
1st Floor, Uzanbazar, GMC Office
Ph: 9435031895

Associate Planner 
Planning Branch, GMC 
1st Floor, Uzanbazar, GMC Office
Ph: 9127057816
email: santanudas.apgmc@gmail.com


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